I have to say that I’m extremely thrilled with how well The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was filmed. Not only was the anticipation of having to wait for the film exciting but the fact that they created a wonderful film that brought the book to life diffidently made me happy walking out of the theater. Since Catching Fire is my favorite book from The Hunger Game series I was very pleased with the film. I saw Catching Fire twice this Thanksgiving weekend and both times I got chills from how great it was. I really enjoyed how smoothly the scenes flowed together and the costumes/makeup in the film was amazing. I loved the cast that they choose because it’s what I pictured in my own imagination. The acting was ten times better in this film and you can tell the actors are becoming their characters now. If you guys haven’t read this series yet, I diffidently recommend it.  Again, everyone has a different opinions on this film. For someone who had semi high expectations I had to go into this film open minded and I really enjoyed it. And lastly, May the odds be ever in your favor! 🙂


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