9 reasons you should watch the addicting new show Reign

Wetpaint.com wrote a wonderful article about 9 reasons why all of you should be watching Reign every Thursday nights. It’s addicting and  a GREAT show that deserves more ratings. 

1. Frary (aka Francis and Mary)

Mary and Francis (Toby Regbo) are former childhood friends who are now engaged to be married for an alliance between France and Scotland. At first, Francis is a total jerk, telling Mary he doesn’t want to risk his country in Scotland’s war with England. However, despite being against the engagement, Francis begins to warm up to Mary and totally gets jealous when Prince Tomas of Portugal (Manolo Cardona) tries to woo his girl.

These two not only have electric chemistry, but their conflict between love and duty is truly compelling.

 photo tumblr_mvmm6zJtAd1qldctfo1_500_zps36b8a0b4.gif

2. Bash and Mary

And then there’s Sebastian (Torrance Coombs), the bastard son of the King, who will never know what it’s like to take the throne. This is why Bash and Mary make perfect sense — they’re both outsiders. Bash and Francis are bros, but will his attraction to Mary destroy their friendship?

 photo tumblr_muwofsqx0o1sn21e9o3_500_zpsf72fbfe9.gif

3. Kenna

Sure, Mary is one fierce queen, but her bestie — and lady-in-waiting — Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) is a real firecracker. She’s pretty much the Samantha Jones of this friendship circle, which makes her unpredictable and totally captivating.

 photo tumblr_mv17odZiOq1qisd43o1_500_zps9552d8c2.gif

4. The fashion

We bow down to Reign’s costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack. The silk gowns and pretty pale frocks on Reign are practically are absolutely stunning.

 photo la-apphoto-tv-reign-adelaide-kane-jpg-20131016_zps0c0192d6.jpg

5. The hair

From the statement headbands, to the long, luscious locks, braids, and avant-garde crowns, the hair on Reign will give you some serious 16th-century-era hair envy.

 photo tumblr_mrll1e4aQ81rbymzeo1_r1_500_zpsb288677f.gif

6. Adelaide Kane

We want to become besties with Adelaide Kane, the breakout star of Reign. Taking on the role of Mary, Queen of Scots is no easy task, but Adelaide handles it with the grace and power of a true queen. She may be naive, but Mary is strong-willed in her convictions. She’ll do what’s best for country, even if that means marrying someone she doesn’t even know for a political alliance.

 photo tumblr_mv6kufywMf1s51f5to1_500_zpsb2c960ec.gif

7. The hotties

Half-brothers Bash and Francis may be at the center of this CW drama, but Reign has even more hotties to swoon after. From handsome Prince Tomas to ill-fated Colin (Ashley Charles), even the background players are total eye-candy.

 photo tumblr_mv1ssvLskh1slec19o1_500_zpsb3ea2a9b.gif

8. Queen Catherine

Francis’s mother, Queen Catherine, is pretty much Cersei Lannister-lite, which makes her an instantly detestable, yet extremely intriguing, villain who already has a fair amount of blood on her hands. She’ll go to any limit to protect her son from harm, even if that means finding a way to break up his impending marriage to Mary.

 photo tumblr_mvo1np2QAC1qjgawdo4_400_zpse45ed0bf.gif

9. The supernatural

There’s an underlying supernatural element in Reign, which adds an extra layer of suspense and raises the stakes. There’s a dark force in the woods surrounding the castle and a deadly premonition, courtesy of Seer, Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland), the icy Queen’s adviser. But there’s also another masked figure running about in the castle, and she seems to be helping Mary thwart her foes.

 photo tumblr_mvo1np2QAC1qjgawdo1_400_zps6d699407.gif



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