Jennifer Lawrence talks car pools and flipping someone off

In this article from Belfast Telegraph Jennifer Lawrence talks about car pools during the award season:

“Okay, so you see a lot of the same people at all the different events in awards season, and one time Sally Field said to me, ‘We’re all going to the same places – I really think we should start a carpool.’ Man, Sally Field wanted to get all these actors together in a big van and drive it around!” Jennifer gushed to Empire magazine. “Look, I live a very boring life. This was a very exciting carpool!”

She also spoke briefly about when she flipped off someone…

“It’s so funny how much I freaked out when I realized that happened,” she laughed. “I ran to my publicist, saying, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…’ and now I am like, that’s probably my proudest moment in my entire career.”


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