Daniel Radcliffe discusses Horns and upcoming Frankenstein film

Daniel Radcliffe brought three new projects to the Toronto International Film Festival this past week. In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Radcliffe discusses Horns and his upcoming film Frankenstein.

Q: Another movie you have at TIFF is the fabulous “Horns.” Is it intended to be a contemporary version of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis,” with a young man waking up one morning with horns on his head?

DR: Absolutely. That actually is a reference point for both me and the director. It’s a crazy movie. I do genuinely believe there’s nothing else like it out there.

Q: You look good in horns by the way.

DR: I really enjoyed wearing them. They’re very empowering. They’re cool — maybe because they made me look little bit taller. I’m really proud of “Horns.” The first bit is like a comedy, and then this huge love story is revealed throughout. And then it’s also a revenge thriller and a horror movie. Nowadays, people are so keen for everything to be put into one box. The great thing about “Horns” is that it constantly defies that impulse to let itself be categorized.

Q: What’s next?

DR: I’m going back to the UK to start shooting Frankenstein, a version of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” written by Max Landis. I’m playing Igor, the hunched-back assistant, and James McAvoy is playing Victor von Frankenstein.

Q: Is it a comedy?

DR: Not per se. I suppose it’s a fun adventure movie. You go on a ride with these guys, with Igor. It’s about two guys at the absolute tip of the spear of technology in the 1800′s. And it’s about them pushing each other further and further in their ambitions — and then one of them has to pull the other one back from the edge of morality.

Q: Or back from the edge to mortality?

DR: Yes, absolutely. It’s gonna be a real romp of a film. It’s the best script that I’ve read, coming out of a major studio, since Potter. So I’m really excited.

Want to read more? Go read the entire interview at Yahoo Movies.


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